MSI X48c Platinum


This Product can give better perform form intel X48 chipset.

We used

Processor : Intel Q6600@3.2 Ghz Graphic Card

Graphics Card : Sapphire HD 3870 512 MB DDR2

Memory : 2x 1GB Corsair Dominator

The result of test is ‘Good’. This motherboard make us interest because this motherboard give 6 slot DIMM(2 DDR2 and 4 DD3). Unfortunately, this board just use DDR2 or DDR3, can`t use DDR2 and DDR3 in one time. Need trick to change DDR2 to DDR3, the trick using switch card. All of result This board is unique and can give more power to your CPU.

Result of test

PCMARK Total : 5105

3DMark Vantage Total : 4456

USB Transfer Read : 24sc

USB Transfer Write : 28sec

Company Of Heroes DX9 : 176.3fps

Company Of Heroes DX10 : 67.3fps

Quake 4 : 189.3fps


PCIex16x : 2

PCIex1x : 1



SATA : 8

Serial : 1

USB Eksternal : 8

USB Internal : 2

Firewire Eksternal : 1

E-Sata : 2


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